A Look Inside Badges, Bears and Eagles: Chapter 11, “Assault with a Deadly Salmon”

A Look Inside Badges, Bears and Eagles: Chapter 11, “Assault with a Deadly Salmon”

The hammer of Deputy Eastman’s revolver was millimeters from reaching its apex and beginning its downward trajectory when Musser finally put his gun down and stepped out of the camper. “Turn around and place your hands behind your back,” instructed Eastman. Musser began to comply, then wheeled around and attempted to overtake the officer. With the other two  poachers still lying prone on the ground, [Warden Bob] Taylor and [Patrolman] Chapin ran to assist Deputy Eastman. Musser proved to be as strong as he was stupid: He was squealing like a stuck pig when Officer Chapin placed his right knee in the small of Musser’s back, applying the full force of his massive torso. Musser gasped for breath and quit resisting long enough for Eastman and Taylor to force his arms behind his back and apply the cuffs.

After all three poachers had been safely secured in the caged section of Deputy Eastman’s patrol unit, Eastman, Chapin and Taylor stood nearby.

“Damn!” exclaimed Chapin, brushing the sand off of his rumpled uniform. “You fish cops have a dangerous job.”

“That was just routine,” replied Taylor, laughing. “We do that every night.” Warden Taylor was just kidding, but contacting potentially dangerous subjects while working alone was very much a part of a Fish and Game Warden’s job. This time backup had been available, but that wasn’t always the case.

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