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Photo of Rocky Mountain mule deer, taken by Steve Guill at Tule Lake National Wildlife Refuge

The Headhunter

Photo of Rocky Mountain mule deer taken by Steve Guill at Tule Lake National Wildlife RefugeI’m currently writing a sequel to my first book, “Badges, Bears, and Eagles.” One of the chapters in my next book is entitled “The Headhunter.” It’s about a beautiful Rocky Mountain mule deer buck that was poached back in December of 1992. What made this wildlife crime so heinous wasn’t so much that the deer was killed during closed season. It wasn’t even that it was taken inside Tule Lake National Wildlife Refuge. What bothered me most was what the no-good scoundrel (for lack of a better word) did after he killed the deer.

Badges, Bears, and Eagles in Today’s San Francisco Chronicle

Exotic animals are featured in the chapter "Metro Wardens" in Steven T. Callan's memoir, Badges, Bears, and Eagles--The True-Life Adventures of a California Fish and Game Warden.Tom Stienstra, columnist and outdoor writer for the San Francisco Chronicle, has writen about Badges, Bears, and Eagles in today’s (3/11/13) issue of the San Francisco Chronicle.   He refers to Chapter 7, “Metro Wardens,”  where I describe some of the many big cat and exotic animal incidents that occurred in Southern California during the 1970s and early 1980s.   At that time, there were believed to be as many captive African lions in the LA Basin as there were wild lions in Africa.  Read the story at SFGate.

A Look Inside Badges, Bears, and Eagles: Chapter 3, “Squeaky”

As day dawned, our previous enthusiasm had given way to absolute misery. To make matters worse, the mosquitoes returned and stuck around until about 7:00 a.m., when the scorching desert heat drove them away. There had been no sign of Squeaky or anyone else. My disillusioned partner and I wanted to pack up and go home, but something told us that Squeaky would show up any minute. An hour passed and Squeaky had still not come, so we waited one more hour and then another.