Picture of Author Steven T. Callan planting trout for the California Department of Fish and Game

Fish Tales and Fond Memories

Picture of Author Steven T. Callan planting trout for the California Department of Fish and Game

Trout Planting Days

In 1966, as a high school graduate about to enter college, I was fortunate to find a summer job at the Mount Shasta Fish Hatchery—the oldest and probably the most beautiful operating fish hatchery in the western United States. The other seasonal aides and I found ourselves at the bottom of the proverbial food chain, so we spent most of the summer mucking fish waste out of the raceway ponds, cleaning fish troughs inside the hatchery buildings and loading fish planting trucks at six o’clock in the morning. Every Monday morning, I eagerly checked the weekly work schedule in hopes of being assigned to one of the trout planting details. Although I only planted trout once or twice that summer, I remember it as one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life.

Saving Our Precious Marine Resources

Big Sur Coastline, CaliforniaFor decades, there have been major concerns about the depletion of California’s marine resources.  In 1999, the Marine Life Protection Act was established, mandating that the California Fish and Game Commission designate marine protected areas where fish, habitat, and other priceless marine resources are allowed to recover. This statewide network was completed at the end of 2012, with 124 designated protected areas from the Oregon border to Mexico.  Specific regulations may exist for individual marine protected areas (MPAs), so contact the Department of Fish and Wildlife before fishing or conducting any type of outdoor activity in these areas.  Maps, GPS coordinates, and specific information are available.  To learn more, go to

Chico Costco Book Signing–Another Sellout

Author Steven T. Callan with Larry Howard and Glenys AndersonOur June 14th book signing at the Chico Costco was a huge success!  Thanks to Dan Barnett’s great review in the Chico Enterprise-Record and my radio interview with Nancy Wiegman on KCHO’s  “Nancy’s Bookshelf,” we sold 120 books.  The highlight of the day was visiting with all of the wonderful people who showed up for the event.  Thanks to everyone who helped make this day possible.